About Us

Dimogram is a company in the segment of Ornamental stones specialized in national and imported granite and marble floors. Located in the largest industrial pole of ornamental stones in Latin America, in the city of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim in the southern state of Espirito Santo.

Our products are of very high strength and follow strict quality control. Dimogram is equipped with imported machines to offer the best finishing in the world following this.

We follow a strict quality control, the tiles are sorted and separated manually by professionals able to select the ideal pattern of each material. We have all video monitoring apparatus, where the customer monitors in real time the entire production process through face time application, WhatsApp and by email, all loading dossier, along with driver data, departure time and forecast of arrival.

Be part of this successful team that has been delivering dreams all over Brazil and Latin American countries.

Dimogram A new concept in Granite Floors!